Addicted To Facebook

One of the reason why I lost interest in updating my blog for a few months its because of Facebook. I got interested in Facebook Farmtown and before I knew it I just found myself planting and harvesting and working to someone else's farm in Facebook everyday. I played for a few weeks until I was able to buy the biggest lot there and I even invited a friend to play it too. That friend got addicted in that game also but after 2 months we both lost our interest in that game. And then I found out about Facebook's Mafia Wars and until now I still play the game. I'm in level 120 already and I have completed a lot of jobs there but still I continue to play everyday. Im playing Mousehunt too and even bowling there. I still check my Friendster account but I dont update it that much anymore. I even stop uploading pictures in Friendster. Now, I like Facebook a lot than Friendster though most of my friends and the people I know are in Friendster and they don't have a Facebook account. But it really doesn't matter though if in which Social Network our friends have or belong coz we can always make an account to both networks.


jenie said...

sad to say...i'm also right now addicted to this farmtown which cost me my page rank=( i just bought the largest lot and is now designing...cant very well stop right now (im sure you know what i feel, haha). be my neighbor?

i am not visiting my friendster acct anymore either unless i get a message.

seems like you and i have the same line of thoughts here jenjen,...that the important thing is to connect with friends in whichever social network, ...yes we do have similarities, even the name=)

will link you in all 3 of my blogs friend, come visit back. hope this is also the start of a budding friendship...because this is another reason I blog, to have more friends from all over the world.

Manang Kim said...

Hi Jen, same here ang dami palang na adik dito sa Facebook, I also have a Friendster pero naiiwanan na talaga I just logged in there to check pag may mga message. About FB, I am into farmville, farmtown, yoville, sunshine ranch and other stuff kaya na iiwanan ko na din itong blog ko hehe. Thanks for the add ha.

Jenny0323 said...

Thanks a lot Jenie and Manang Kim for dropping by. Added you in Facebook Jen.