Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Pearl Farm Beach Resort is one of the best resort/hotel in Davao. Whenever hubby visits me in Phil. we always find a way to go there for a day tour. We just love the place coz its beautiful and relaxing. When my inlaws went to Phil to attend our wedding my husband recommend the resort for them to stay. And I'm glad that they like it there.

Pearl Farm Beach Resort is situated in Island Garden of Samal, 40 minutes boat ride from Davao City. The hotel rooms are made of wood and local materials and is designed by a famous architect in the Philippines. On our first visit there, we needed a whole day to explore the area. One of my favorite area is in the hill, where there is a fantastic view of the sea and Malipano Island owned also by Pearl Farm. Their staff are friendly and their buffet lunch is so far the best buffet I've ever encountered. They have two swimming pools and a jacuzzi and of course the white sand beach. For sports enthusiast, Pearl Farm has a tennis court and and a wide array of water sports activities such as jet skiing, water skiing, banana boat ride, scuba diving and a lot more. I'm looking forward to our next visit there, especially, the buffet lunch (grin)...


Last Sunday, hubby and me decided to finally try the Hard Rock Cafe in Copenhagen. We've been planning to dine there since my last visit here last year but we always end up going to other restaurants (mostly asian) since there are plenty around. I was craving for a burger that day (always) so we decided to have a burger meal. I really like the crew there coz they were so friendly and accomodating, they remind of the Jollibee fast food crew in the Philippines. The place is nice and cozy, they play oldies music which I like. When the burger was served I was so excited to have a bite but I thought of taking picture first so I can have a topic here (lol). The burger is ok but it was dry and I dont like the buns that they used though it is ok. I prefer the burger in the restaurant where we went last week. And also the price is more expensive compared to other restaurants. Though I like their fries.

Over The Top Award

I would like to thank David Frunk of Basic Bloganomics and Yen of Heavenly Delight for this award. This is the second time that David gave me an award and I always get overwhelmed when he includes me in his list. And of course, my dear friend Yen who's always been there for me and patiently answers all my Q's. Thanks a lot guys for giving me this award!

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I would like to share this award to my friends, readers and visitors.

Busy Sunday

Yesterday was a busy day for me. I only got 4 hours of sleep from supposedly 8-10 hours. I was waiting for Pacquiao, Hatton fight the entire evening but then the fight started past 5am. Then I was so disappointed that the fight lasted only for 2 rounds. I waited for it the entire night, only to watch it for 10 minutes or maybe even less. After the fight, I went to bed and it was 6am already. It was past 10am when hubby woke me up to prepare myself coz we'll leave in an hour. We had to attend his bestfriends baby christening coz he was chosen to be baby Julia's godfather. There were around 40 people attended but I was the only Asian there. I felt shy to communicate to the other visitors who attended so most of the time I just sat in the corner. While hubby and I were talking a woman came to us and she introduced herself to me. She and my hubby knew eachother coz they belong on the same church but they are not friends nor enemies (lol). Her name is Sonia and she is a photographer. I was very surprised when she said she wants to take a photo of me. I didn't know what to answer to her so I just laugh. After a while I was just quiet, I want to tell her "not now please coz I'm not ready (lol)" but I chose to answer her with a smile and she said "maybe next time". Before she left the party, she waved her hand to me and I did the same. Me, hubby and baby Julia's parents were the last people who left the place. Hubby and I decided to have a walk in the city center and later on we went to a restaurant to eat and then we watched movie. It was almost 8pm when we went home.

Sweet Memory of my High School Life

I browse the profile of my high school best friend today and I'm so happy to see her photos, she wore a black toga in one of the pictures. She just graduated from her course BSN and I was delighted to see the medal on her neck. Her sacrifice has finally paid off. As I was looking at her picture my mind flew back to my younger years, back when we were in high school.
I met my best friend Sheila May when we were first year high school, we were classmates. We got along so well coz we have a lot in common. Back then, we always talk about our favorite team and players in PBA. We were athletic in mind and heart but not in action (lol). After class we would both go to the public market in town to have our favorite snack (juice and banana cue), then from there we would ride different tricycle to go home. We remained best of friends until we were Seniors. By that time, we met two other friends/classmates (April and Vanessa) who became our best friend too. The four of us would eat lunch together, copied assignments, shared each others crushes and secrets and a lot more crazy and fun things.
Sitting on the last row: April, Vanessa, Sheila May and Me
(Photo was taken when we were 4th year HighSchool)

After we graduated high school, the four of us go on our separate lives. We studied and worked in different places. We haven't contacted each other for years but when April, Sheila May and me finally made and effort to have a get together after some years of not seeing each other, we really had fun and as always we love each others company. And since then we always make it a point that we see each other once in a while. April was my Maid of Honor and SM was my bridesmaid on my wedding. If only we have a contact with our friend Vanessa for sure she will have a part on my wedding too. The last time we've seen here was during our high school graduation. Hopefully, someday will see eachother again.
Sheila May, Me and April on my wedding.

My First Award!

I can't help to smile while I'm making this post. I have my first award in the blogging world!!! Yipee! I want to thank David Frunk of Basic Bloganomics. Thank you so much for including me in the list.

5 Facts About Me

Its been a long time since I made a post here. I got busy and lazy that's why I didn't visit here for sometime. Good thing, a friend of mine tagged me so here I am now, back into the blogging world. I want to thank my good friend online Yen of Heavenly Delights for this tag. I feel so special because she always include me in her tags.

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Five facts about me:

1. My day will not be complete if I can't eat rice. (hehe)
2. I'm starting to collect shoes.
3. I really don't know how to cook though I'm learning each day with my everyday visit in the kitchen.
4. Whenever we buy burgers I always remove the veggies.
5. I'm addicted to Sorority Life in facebook.

I am tagging my first 5 readers...