Learning:The Art In Make Up

I never got interested in make up that much not until few months ago. I started wearing "make up" when I was 18. I put lipgloss in my lips and I consider that as putting make up already. For so many years I didn't know how to put eyeshadows and blush on. Until when I got here in Finland, I started watching make up tutorials in YouTube. I didn't know that there a lot of things to apply and to do, to get those fantastic looks. After a few days watching those tutorials and seeing how fantastic celebrity looks like with their make up on, I got encouraged to try it. I started buying cosmetics everytime we would go to the shop and try them to myself. I am no master to it so I cannot give you any tips or tutorials yet on how to apply make up. I still get confuse, there are a lot of cosmetics and tools that I dont know if what are the use. You have no idea how i looked like the first time I put an eyeliner (lol). Until now, I'm still learning and keep on practicing so that one of these days I can do it perfectly, and I won't be ashamed to post it here.
Some of the cosmetics that I own

According to history, the first archaeological cosmetics usage is found in Egypt around 3500 BC during the ancient Egypt times. The ancient Greeks and Romans used make up too. The popularity of cosmetics increased rapidly and today, almost everyone wears them. Even men, teenagers and young little girls would love to apply make up too.


yen said...

hello jen, asta sad ko dli kablo mgmake up oi. suya jud ko anang uban wen i see it on them.

Manang Kim said...

you will in due time specially when you find a product and colors that go with your skin color. happy weekend.

burn said...

I love wearing make up. If I were just your neighbor, I'm gonna teach you how to deal with it.. lol

It's my first time here. I hope to see you in my blog.

Dhemz said...

sos ginoo...ka daghan sa kikay stuff...hehehe...ako kay maglisod man ko ug make up woi kay d man ko kabalo..d sad kaau ko mahilig...lip gloss ra ako...nyahahhaha!

salamat sa dalaw dear....wala diay ampalaya diha?

ashdesignz said...

hi jen, naks naman, dalaga ka na pala,di ka pa pala marunong mag-make-up, astig, kikay ka na :D

Tess said...

aha, mao ni akung kinahanglan paliton karong weekend. A friend of mine gave me basic technique how to put make up and such. Salamat sa pag share ani. I enjoyed the post.

maxivelasco said...

hello Jen...

following your blog now, too.

good that you are learning what you want to learn. there are many things to learn regarding how to apply make up and so on. but i am too lazy to apply make up on myself.

at the age of 30, i only powder my face minutes before leaving home. during winter season, aside from powder, i put on some lip balm (colorless) to keep my lips from cracking. and on special occasions, i wear mascara and light colored blush on and lipstick. and that's it!

just like you, i really want to learn how to use the right colors and the right strokes to come up with the best and right look for my face. but well.. laziness always hinders me. hehe.

have a great day jen and see you more around! hugs!

by the way, you are pretty with or without make up. seen some of your photos here in your blog.

see yah!

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