24 Marathon

For more than 8 weeks I've been watching 24. I am a big fan of this tv series and I became a fan of Kiefer Sutherland after watching the first season. Even back in Philippines I followed the show every week and I had watch Season 1 to 5 there. When I went to Denmark I tried to convince my man to why not collect the DVD of this series but he always hesitate when I ask him. He has some movie collections but doesn't have any tv series collection aside from The Simpsons. He doesn't know anything about 24 and he never watched even 1 single episode before so I understand his hesitation. When we went here in Finland we saw some good offer of this series in a shop named Hongkong. He asked me if he should get the first season to try, and of course, I said yes. In the evening, we watched it together. I was as thrilled as I watch it the first time. I have forgotten most of what happened coz I've watched it like 4 or 5 years ago. We watched atleast 4 episodes of the first season that night. Hubby liked it a lot that the next day, he demanded that we should return to the shop where we bought the dvd. And so we really did and I was surprised when he picked up the complete season 2 to 6 and also bought the movie 24 Redemption. And since then, we have been watching 24 every night. We are on our 6th season now and we can't wait to have the 7th season. This series is really good that it lasted for like 8 years now. I would recommend it to everyone who likes action,drama and thriller movies.

Hubby's Collection

For those who doesn't know anything about 24, it is an American serial action/drama television series. Broadcast by Fox in the United States and has been shown worldwide. The show was first aired on November 6, 2001. It is the longest-running undercover/spying series in television history, behind the original Mission: Impossible series by number of episodes and The Avengers by longevity of broadcast.


Manang Kim said...

Hi jen, I am thinking of watching this tv series soon. I was able to watched this tv series from the first episode but was not able to finished the first season. I am planning to watched this tv series from the very beginning and as what you've said it will be a marathon.

chubskulit said...

I would love to watch the season five but it wasn't available here in the base. Hubby and I watched 1-4 seasons and we loved it..

By the way, I am now following your blog..