Biggest Boot I've Seen

One fine Sunday while we were in Finland my Father in law asked us if we wanted to go to an Agricultural fair. I hesitated when hubby asked me coz for sure I can't relate to it but since my Papa Pertti really insists and everyone is going so I just nod. There, I've seen different farm animals, tractors and other farm materials. While hubby and I strolling around hubby point the big boot in one of the booths there. I was surprise to see its size but I was more surprise to see the brand. The brand is called Nokian and I was wondering if its related to the Nokia company that manufactures cellphones. Hubby said that before Nokia made cellphones they made rubber boots and tyres first. The Nokian boots and the Nokia phones were one company before that split into two. The history of Nokia really surprised me, from rubber boots to cellularphones. Who would have thought?


Meryl (proud pinay) said...

wow! that's a huge boot! ^_^ pwedeng magtagutaguan dyan ang mga bata