It's been 9 days since Bart arrived in our life and it's been 9 days also that he's living here with us. During the first 2 days Bart was scared and shy. He feels that he doesn't belong in here. Maybe he misses his other family. He cries a lot at night or even during the day when he sees no one.

Now, that he's with us for more than a week, he has changed a lot. I think he accepted us as his new family. He grows quite fast but still looks little and cute. For me, he is twice his size since the day he arrived. He is very energetic and loves to run and play. For short period of time, we have learned to love him so much.

Our mornings are never the same anymore. As we are very excited each morning to wake up and see him. Play with him and hug him. He never fails to make us smile. After work, I am always in a hurry to go home as I am very excited to see him. And when I arrive home, there he is, wiggling his tail while looking at me excitedly.

Bart is a dog. A toy poodle. He is only 2 and a half months old.
I'm just so glad that he came in to our life and made us this happy. I am even smiling as I'm typing this.

A year in Finland

Wow, it's been quite a long time since the last time i updated this blog. A lot of things happened already. We had moved in finland for almost a year now. So far so good. I liked it here... a lot. In fact, I love it here even though the weather gets a bit harsh sometimes. Especially, during winter when the temperature drops to minus -20 C and sometimes lower than that. Aside from the extreme cold weather, very little shed of sunlight (sometimes sun shines once a week, sometimes not), long darkness and short daytime, slippery roads, lots of static electricity (on winter), I still love it here. Though Denmark will always be special but Finland will always be the number 1 to me :-).

I have meet good friends and just friends and acquintances. I don't have many friends yet but I think I have enough to keep me busy on weekends. I now go to school, studying finnish language. I'm learning but not that much yet. I was able to meet good people from all over the world through this course. It keeps me busy during the weeekdays and I'm just loving it. Back in Denmark I was just a housewife. I was just home all day doing housechores, friendster and facebook and it bored me too much and made me wished that I will do something that will make me busy (like the overly fatigued feeling) that it would make me wish of a restday. My life here is not that hectic yet but still am thankful and happy that I have something to do and keeps me a bit busy.