100% Sassy Blogger Award

A week ago Anna's SassyChicks's World celebrated its 1st birthday. And she was giving an award in celebration of SassyChick's World first birthday. I was one of the people who received the award but due to my busy schedule I wasn't able to post it, but today I'm really grabbing it and delighted to post it here. Also, Fe of Fe's Journey of Life received this award too and she's giving it to me as well. Thanks a lot guys for the thoughts.

I'm giving this award to Menche of A Place Of My Own. Menche is a good friend of mine and she was my classmate in DDC. She's a new blogger. She just pass the recent licensure exam for Nurses. Congrats Mench for the job well done. This award really fits to you coz you are 100% Sassy. To everyone who wants to grab this award feel free. If you think you are Sassy, then go for it!


shydub said...

Congrats sa friend mo, wow certified nurse na siya. Nice blog and congrats sa award sassy gurl

chubskulit said...

Congratulations Jen!