Meeting the Clan

Two days ago, we left Lapua with my hubby and inlaws, and drove around 450 kilometers going to the south. We went to my Mom Inlaws hometown.
It was almost 10 o'clock in the evening when we arrived in Hamina, our destination. It was so nice to meet my mom in law's older brother Anterro and his wife Lilli. We stayed in their place for 2 nights. The day after we arrived everyone was busy coz Mom inlaws older sister is celebrating her birthday and we are not invited (lol). Just the siblings of my mom inlaw and their husband and wife. We were told to go to the place where they were having the party after the celebration to meet my mom inlaws siblings. It was so nice meeting them, just that most of them doesn't speak English and I don't speak Finnish too. Even if its like that, I can see it in their eyes and smiles that they were equally as happy as I am. Everyone there hugged me so tight that I felt so good inside. After meeting everyone there, we headed back to Anterro's place to prepare to visit the homes of the siblings who lived nearby. Hubby, Mama Leena, Anterro and me decided to walk all the way to their home to tour a bit the place while walking, while Papa Pertti and Lilli decided to ride the car. On the way home, Mama Leena, pointed out the place where she lived for some years because their house is far away from the school. I've seen churches, military school and a lot of old buildings. Mama Leena said that during her time, that place is a military place. When she goes to school a lot of military men would whistle when they see her which she really hate. We both laugh of the thought. Later that day, we visited the place and the house where she grew up. Her late brother owned and his wife is now living there alone. We were invited inside and had a little bit of snack. After that, Mama Leena toured me in the house. The house is quite big, well, she has a total of 9 brothers and sisters that time, so no wonder. It feel so good to see Mama Leena's hometown and her siblings. From the very start the entire family has been so nice to me and I'm very grateful for that.

Sorry guys, I forgot to take a picture in the entire trip. I only have this pic, this was taken during our walk on the way to Anterro's home after the birthday party.

Mama Leena