A Glimpse To My Husband's Childhood

In our almost 3 months of stay here in Finland I've seen a lot of my husband's childhood things. Today, we went to Mummi's place (hubby's grandmother), I've seen hubby stuff there. His photos when he was as young as a few month's old up to the present. Photos of his ex-wife too, as well as their wedding photo when they got married in Vegas (lol). I've seen his car when he was 18. The model looks a bit old but it still looks good and as shiny just like a new one. His mom showed me his clothes also, and some of them are still in good condition that our future baby might still use. I've seen his toys, drawings and even his chair and his collection of Donald Duck comic books when he was young. We found Teddy also there whom hubby haven't seen for a long time. Teddy is a teddy bear whom he took with him when he goes to sleep at night when he was young. Teddy looks a bit dirty and hubby decided to take teddy with us back to my inlaws place to give teddy a bath. Hubby likes to play board games a lot which he inherited from his grandpa in the mothers side. Everynight hubby, me and Mama Leena would play monopoly, card and other board games. And those card and board games are owned by my hubby when he was young. He really takes good care of his things even when he was a kid that's why the things he owns 20 years ago, some are still useable now. It's very nice to see hubby's childhood memories, it feels like I've seen him grow before my very eyes.