Its been quite a while since i made my last post here. I've been quite busy for the last two months. Just for the quick update hubby and me is now in Finland for 2 months and soon we will return to Denmark (Yipee!). When hubby and me went here last June I've finally met friends whom I was planning to meet since last year. It was a perfect timing that 2 days after we arrived here, the Filipino Community here in Finland was hosting a big party. I've met a lot of Filipinas, and I never thought that they are quite a lot here. I've met Menchel and Nene whom are my friends from Friendster. I've met Joy once again and for the first time Glenda, I knew them since 2007 and they were my regular chatmates during those years. We were all still in Philippines that time, but I never had the chance to meet the two of them in person before, for they both live in Cebu City and I in Davao. The party was fun though hubby was bored because he didn't had anyone to talk to. The food was good and they had Lechon that made every Filipino in the party happy.Me, Glenda and Joy during the Filipino Fiesta in Helsinki, Finland


katherine said...

Hi Jen, dili man ako ang muadto ug Denmark. Ako cousin kay naka meet ug taga Denmark then naa na sila plano nga paadtu-on siya pero wala pa man sila nag meet in person pero ang lalaki kay nag gathered na ug info kung unsaon nya pag kuha sa ako cousin. He's not really from Denmark, nagwork lang sya didto as teacher. parang taga Sweden ba or Norway yata to siya. Ask pod ako cousin kung unsa requirement ug asa mag apply ug tourist visa siguro, pero wa man ko kabalo. Ubanan lang nako sya sa Maynila kay dili man nya kabisado ang Maynila. Sa Kalunbourg (Spelling kay kalimot ko haha) ba to iya place sa Denmark.

Anyway naa pa sya probs kay dili pa sya annul sa previous marriage nya so, ngita sila paagi nga maka adto ako cousin maski tourist lang sa. pero 10 years naman ning hiwalay ako cousin sa iya bana nga buangon. hehehe

Manang Kim said...

wow you all look so gorgeous!