100% Sassy Blogger Award

A week ago Anna's SassyChicks's World celebrated its 1st birthday. And she was giving an award in celebration of SassyChick's World first birthday. I was one of the people who received the award but due to my busy schedule I wasn't able to post it, but today I'm really grabbing it and delighted to post it here. Also, Fe of Fe's Journey of Life received this award too and she's giving it to me as well. Thanks a lot guys for the thoughts.

I'm giving this award to Menche of A Place Of My Own. Menche is a good friend of mine and she was my classmate in DDC. She's a new blogger. She just pass the recent licensure exam for Nurses. Congrats Mench for the job well done. This award really fits to you coz you are 100% Sassy. To everyone who wants to grab this award feel free. If you think you are Sassy, then go for it!

Biggest Boot I've Seen

One fine Sunday while we were in Finland my Father in law asked us if we wanted to go to an Agricultural fair. I hesitated when hubby asked me coz for sure I can't relate to it but since my Papa Pertti really insists and everyone is going so I just nod. There, I've seen different farm animals, tractors and other farm materials. While hubby and I strolling around hubby point the big boot in one of the booths there. I was surprise to see its size but I was more surprise to see the brand. The brand is called Nokian and I was wondering if its related to the Nokia company that manufactures cellphones. Hubby said that before Nokia made cellphones they made rubber boots and tyres first. The Nokian boots and the Nokia phones were one company before that split into two. The history of Nokia really surprised me, from rubber boots to cellularphones. Who would have thought?

Friendship Award

Jenny of The Way I Use To Be gave me a Friendship Award and today I'm grabbing it. Thanks a lot Jen for the thoughts, that even though I haven't visited you for a while in your blog you did not forget me to include in your list.

Award above implies :

Green: symbolizes the new buddies
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Platform Red: symbolizes that we are all equal, junior or senior is summarized in one place, with the same blood red, and we are brothers.

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I'm passing this on to my dear friend Yen of Heavenly Delight.

Nobody, Nobody But You!!!

For quite sometime now, I've been watching Wondergirls's video in youtube. In my estimate I would watch their video atleast 5 times a day for 2 weeks now. I really like their song Nobody and I find the Wondergirls very beautiful. I would listen to it right away the moment I'm with the computer and watch their video over and over again.

Back In Denmark!

Hi Guys! I'm sorry if I was out and wasn't able to visit you in your pages for sometime I got quite busy. We're back in Denmark (yipee!)! Were here for more than a week already. I got things to do here coz were away like for almost 3 months and hubby gave me some typing job to do too, thats why I wasn't able to visit here for sometime.
So nice to be back here in Denmark, its a lot warmer here compared to Finland though I'm missing the latter much.

A Glimpse To My Husband's Childhood

In our almost 3 months of stay here in Finland I've seen a lot of my husband's childhood things. Today, we went to Mummi's place (hubby's grandmother), I've seen hubby stuff there. His photos when he was as young as a few month's old up to the present. Photos of his ex-wife too, as well as their wedding photo when they got married in Vegas (lol). I've seen his car when he was 18. The model looks a bit old but it still looks good and as shiny just like a new one. His mom showed me his clothes also, and some of them are still in good condition that our future baby might still use. I've seen his toys, drawings and even his chair and his collection of Donald Duck comic books when he was young. We found Teddy also there whom hubby haven't seen for a long time. Teddy is a teddy bear whom he took with him when he goes to sleep at night when he was young. Teddy looks a bit dirty and hubby decided to take teddy with us back to my inlaws place to give teddy a bath. Hubby likes to play board games a lot which he inherited from his grandpa in the mothers side. Everynight hubby, me and Mama Leena would play monopoly, card and other board games. And those card and board games are owned by my hubby when he was young. He really takes good care of his things even when he was a kid that's why the things he owns 20 years ago, some are still useable now. It's very nice to see hubby's childhood memories, it feels like I've seen him grow before my very eyes.

Who's Your Favorite Cartoon Character?

When I went back to Philippines I had to always stay up late because I have to wait for my husband to go online. Most of the time we would talk around 1am. While waiting for him I watched tv so I wont fall asleep. There were nights that there is nothing interesting on television and that made my waiting so difficult coz I would end up falling asleep and then, when my husband will be online I will be in the bad mood because I have to get up while my soul is in protest that I should continue to sleep. But there were nights that I'm excited to wait. My Tuesday and Thursday nights were the most amazing coz its Shaun The Sheep nights. I found out about it during those nights that I keep on changing channels every five minutes because there is nothing that interests me. And then I found Shaun on Disney Channel. They air it like 12:30 midnight to 1am, so its just on time before my hubby would go online.

Shaun and Friends

Shaun and friends always makes me intertain. When my niece would have a sleep over in our place they would stay up late too to watched Shaun. Btw, for those who doesn't know Shaun, Shaun The Sheep is a British stop-motion animated children's television series. It was first aired in the UK in March 2007 and now its shown to more than 74 countries. A premise of the series is that Shaun the sheep exhibits human intelligence, creativity, and behaviour in a farm setting, which usually provides a situational comedy conflict which Shaun must resolve.Each episodes is a combination of comedy in which Shaun and friends behave childishly. It is a silent comedy show like Mr. Bean.

Shaun The Sheep may not be as famous like the characters in Disney or Warner Bros. but for me Shaun is the best and the cutest among all the cartoon characters.

Learning:The Art In Make Up

I never got interested in make up that much not until few months ago. I started wearing "make up" when I was 18. I put lipgloss in my lips and I consider that as putting make up already. For so many years I didn't know how to put eyeshadows and blush on. Until when I got here in Finland, I started watching make up tutorials in YouTube. I didn't know that there a lot of things to apply and to do, to get those fantastic looks. After a few days watching those tutorials and seeing how fantastic celebrity looks like with their make up on, I got encouraged to try it. I started buying cosmetics everytime we would go to the shop and try them to myself. I am no master to it so I cannot give you any tips or tutorials yet on how to apply make up. I still get confuse, there are a lot of cosmetics and tools that I dont know if what are the use. You have no idea how i looked like the first time I put an eyeliner (lol). Until now, I'm still learning and keep on practicing so that one of these days I can do it perfectly, and I won't be ashamed to post it here.
Some of the cosmetics that I own

According to history, the first archaeological cosmetics usage is found in Egypt around 3500 BC during the ancient Egypt times. The ancient Greeks and Romans used make up too. The popularity of cosmetics increased rapidly and today, almost everyone wears them. Even men, teenagers and young little girls would love to apply make up too.

Another Award For Me

Today, I grabbed my award who's given to me by my new friend in the blog world Fe of Fe's Journey Of Life. This is the third award that has given to me. Thanks a lot Fe for including me in your list.

I would like to share this award to my S-H-Y of A Journey For Life and Yen of Heavenly Delights.

Meeting the Clan

Two days ago, we left Lapua with my hubby and inlaws, and drove around 450 kilometers going to the south. We went to my Mom Inlaws hometown.
It was almost 10 o'clock in the evening when we arrived in Hamina, our destination. It was so nice to meet my mom in law's older brother Anterro and his wife Lilli. We stayed in their place for 2 nights. The day after we arrived everyone was busy coz Mom inlaws older sister is celebrating her birthday and we are not invited (lol). Just the siblings of my mom inlaw and their husband and wife. We were told to go to the place where they were having the party after the celebration to meet my mom inlaws siblings. It was so nice meeting them, just that most of them doesn't speak English and I don't speak Finnish too. Even if its like that, I can see it in their eyes and smiles that they were equally as happy as I am. Everyone there hugged me so tight that I felt so good inside. After meeting everyone there, we headed back to Anterro's place to prepare to visit the homes of the siblings who lived nearby. Hubby, Mama Leena, Anterro and me decided to walk all the way to their home to tour a bit the place while walking, while Papa Pertti and Lilli decided to ride the car. On the way home, Mama Leena, pointed out the place where she lived for some years because their house is far away from the school. I've seen churches, military school and a lot of old buildings. Mama Leena said that during her time, that place is a military place. When she goes to school a lot of military men would whistle when they see her which she really hate. We both laugh of the thought. Later that day, we visited the place and the house where she grew up. Her late brother owned and his wife is now living there alone. We were invited inside and had a little bit of snack. After that, Mama Leena toured me in the house. The house is quite big, well, she has a total of 9 brothers and sisters that time, so no wonder. It feel so good to see Mama Leena's hometown and her siblings. From the very start the entire family has been so nice to me and I'm very grateful for that.

Sorry guys, I forgot to take a picture in the entire trip. I only have this pic, this was taken during our walk on the way to Anterro's home after the birthday party.

Mama Leena

Red Currants

I've never heard of Red Currant all my life until I've visited Finland last year. My mother inlaw has a big garden in their house and she has a lot of different berries, cherries, some grapes, apple trees and red/white currant. I was amazed the first time I've seen her garden. We've been staying in my inlaws house for almost 2 months now and we are so lucky coz its summer and the plants in the garden started to bear fruit/berries when we arrived. I've picked forrest strawberries and cherries already atleast for times in her garden. Among all the plants in the garden there is something that really caught my attention, its the Red Currants. I've missed Philippine green mango so much and it makes me sad when I think of it but when I discovered about the red currants, it filled that missing spot in me that craved for green mango. Its not as sour as Philippine green mango and it doesn't look like green mango though but its an ok substitute. All I do when I eat it, is just I imagine that im eating the green mango(lol). Every other day I would pick red currant in the garden and I would eat it joyfully everytime. It makes me feel like I'm not that far from home(Philippines).

The red currant is a member of a genus Ribes in the gooseberry family Grossulariaceae. The fruits of red currant are a good source of B1 and C, and are rich in iron, phophorus, potassium, fibre, copper and manganese.

24 Marathon

For more than 8 weeks I've been watching 24. I am a big fan of this tv series and I became a fan of Kiefer Sutherland after watching the first season. Even back in Philippines I followed the show every week and I had watch Season 1 to 5 there. When I went to Denmark I tried to convince my man to why not collect the DVD of this series but he always hesitate when I ask him. He has some movie collections but doesn't have any tv series collection aside from The Simpsons. He doesn't know anything about 24 and he never watched even 1 single episode before so I understand his hesitation. When we went here in Finland we saw some good offer of this series in a shop named Hongkong. He asked me if he should get the first season to try, and of course, I said yes. In the evening, we watched it together. I was as thrilled as I watch it the first time. I have forgotten most of what happened coz I've watched it like 4 or 5 years ago. We watched atleast 4 episodes of the first season that night. Hubby liked it a lot that the next day, he demanded that we should return to the shop where we bought the dvd. And so we really did and I was surprised when he picked up the complete season 2 to 6 and also bought the movie 24 Redemption. And since then, we have been watching 24 every night. We are on our 6th season now and we can't wait to have the 7th season. This series is really good that it lasted for like 8 years now. I would recommend it to everyone who likes action,drama and thriller movies.

Hubby's Collection

For those who doesn't know anything about 24, it is an American serial action/drama television series. Broadcast by Fox in the United States and has been shown worldwide. The show was first aired on November 6, 2001. It is the longest-running undercover/spying series in television history, behind the original Mission: Impossible series by number of episodes and The Avengers by longevity of broadcast.

My Appologies

My appologies to all my blogger friends who are erased in my list. I'm sorry guys I didn't mean to do such thing. I did not update my blog for quite a while. Two days ago I decided to update and thought of changing my template but I forgot to save and add your links in my new blog. I wish I could retrieve back my list so I can have you all back in my Friends List. If you are not in my list, please let me know and I would be delighted to add you back.

Weekend (The Ring)

Hubby and me decided to follow my inlaws in their summer cottage today. On the way in the summer cottage a lot of thoughts filled my mind. I was very excited to think of the things that we will do when we arrive. I was confuse if i should pick berries first, or go fishing, maybe boating or maybe we'll start swimming right away. When we arrived the sun started to hide in the clouds, to my husband's disappointment. I started to think that maybe i'll just start updating my blog but after a few minutes the sun was shining again. Hubby asked me if I could accompany him to the lake and swim with him. I hesitated for a second but the thought of the fun we'll going to have in the water made me said yes. I was trying all the of flotation device (salbabida) we have there but nothing worked for me. I thought that the rubber boat would be the best of all to ride so I decided to get it and went to the sauna house to pick it up. As I was trying to carry the heavy rubber boat I noticed that my wedding ring is not in my finger anymore. I was so worried and tried to find it in the sauna house area. Few minutes later hubby and my inlaws found out what happened and they joined me finding my ring. After an hour the kids neighbor arrived and helped us find my ring too. One of the kids went back to their house to get their metal detector thing. We tried to find it for another hour and then the Uncle of the kids arrive and tried to help us too. I was so sad of what happened and my mom inlaw tried to comfort me. And then the Uncle of the kids phoned somebody and later on I found out that he phoned someone who can help us. My mom in law explained that, that man owned a bigger metal detector machine, as I could not understand what they are talking about for they speak Finnish. We decided to continue to find my ring when the man with the bigger metal detector arrives. We all decided not to spoil the fun we had earlier so we tried swimming again with the neighbor's kids. In the evening the man with the detector thing arrived and started looking. I was so embarrased of what happened. A lot of people has been disturbed from what they are doing just to help us find my ring. I thought I lost it in the sauna house area so thats where we tried to look for it. My father in law was even starting to think to remove the floor in the sauna house porch (where I thought I lost the ring) to find my ring there. Hubby and the man with the detector tried to find the ring the area where I walked before I went to the sauna to get the rubber boat. Me, Mama Leena, Papa Pertti and the kids uncle continued to look for in the sauna house porch. I started to lose hope but then hubby came and hold my hand and put the ring back in my finger. I coundn't describe how I felt. I was so happy, I didn't know how to thank both man (The Uncle of the Neighbors kids and the man with the metal detector thing) who helped us. They were strangers to me and so me to them, and yet they did not hesitate to help me and did not even asked for anything in return. The pleasure that I felt of meeting such people was unexplainable. I am overjoyed of the thought that I have met very nice people in this country.

Mama Leena, The man who owns the detector, Me and Papa Pertti

Addicted To Facebook

One of the reason why I lost interest in updating my blog for a few months its because of Facebook. I got interested in Facebook Farmtown and before I knew it I just found myself planting and harvesting and working to someone else's farm in Facebook everyday. I played for a few weeks until I was able to buy the biggest lot there and I even invited a friend to play it too. That friend got addicted in that game also but after 2 months we both lost our interest in that game. And then I found out about Facebook's Mafia Wars and until now I still play the game. I'm in level 120 already and I have completed a lot of jobs there but still I continue to play everyday. Im playing Mousehunt too and even bowling there. I still check my Friendster account but I dont update it that much anymore. I even stop uploading pictures in Friendster. Now, I like Facebook a lot than Friendster though most of my friends and the people I know are in Friendster and they don't have a Facebook account. But it really doesn't matter though if in which Social Network our friends have or belong coz we can always make an account to both networks.