Red Currants

I've never heard of Red Currant all my life until I've visited Finland last year. My mother inlaw has a big garden in their house and she has a lot of different berries, cherries, some grapes, apple trees and red/white currant. I was amazed the first time I've seen her garden. We've been staying in my inlaws house for almost 2 months now and we are so lucky coz its summer and the plants in the garden started to bear fruit/berries when we arrived. I've picked forrest strawberries and cherries already atleast for times in her garden. Among all the plants in the garden there is something that really caught my attention, its the Red Currants. I've missed Philippine green mango so much and it makes me sad when I think of it but when I discovered about the red currants, it filled that missing spot in me that craved for green mango. Its not as sour as Philippine green mango and it doesn't look like green mango though but its an ok substitute. All I do when I eat it, is just I imagine that im eating the green mango(lol). Every other day I would pick red currant in the garden and I would eat it joyfully everytime. It makes me feel like I'm not that far from home(Philippines).

The red currant is a member of a genus Ribes in the gooseberry family Grossulariaceae. The fruits of red currant are a good source of B1 and C, and are rich in iron, phophorus, potassium, fibre, copper and manganese.


Bailey Baretto said...

a charming fruit rich with vitamins and good minierals... :) it's certainly, a treat. :D

Manang Kim said...

We have plenty of red currants here I didn't know it can be eaten and as you described pwede palang pang substitute sa mangang hilaw hmmm bukas makikain nga hehe. By the way I like green apple too it is sour and imagine ko din mangang hilaw.