It's Pizza This Time

Few days ago I posted how badly I craved for a cheeseburger. Last night, this crazy craving attacked again and it is pizza this time. At past 10 pm yesterday I sent an sms to my husband saying "can we eat pizza today? yes or no?". My husband replied that its late already to get a pizza. The pizza store where we buy pizza already closed. I was disappointed again. I ended up browsing in google and search for greenwich pizza and there I was staring at the pizza photos in greenwich site(lol). I couldn't thank enough my husband when each time I ask him a favor he always try his best to do it but some things are really out of our hands. When I get upset and I don't talk to him, hubby would always say "Honey, please don't be mad. Stop being maldita now and let's make up". When I hear those words I can't help to smile. He knows now what maldita means and that his wife is maldita. It's not good but I find it cute when he says I'm maldita (lol).
Today, he dragged me to the shop even if I was still so sleepy. We ate together in the Quick Bistro in Bilka. Quick Bistro is not really quick (lol). Everytime we go and eat there we always have to wait atleast 20 minutes to get our order even if its just 1 piece of burger. And then we went to the shop to buy a frozen pizza so I can heat and eat it at home later.


nancy said...

That was cute jen... syempre lahi ra jud kung layo ka sa imong home sweet home... you will always feel like buntis nga nangala and crave for something out of reach..hahaha!

i hope your cravings are over some for next time..weee!!!!!

Momma Riza said...

I agree with Nancy,lol. That's why I don't blame those who come here for vacation and they do panic buying like there's no tomorrow to bring with them back to the US or elsewhere because you will really have these cravings. Thanks for dropping by my site!

sweet_shelo said...

Hi sis, You are really craving for pizza that time ha.. Good thing that your hubby is also sweet and tries to get what you want..

sis got an award for u:

Yellow Bells said...

di kaya naglilihi ka...joke lng po, nice site in here...thanks for visiting my site

katherine said...

hahaha...kabalo na pod diay sya moingon ug maldita...ako bana kay ingnon ko ug "stop being makulit" hahaha...then sabay "ambot sa imo" hahaha pero cute paminawon right? and iya amobt sa imo kay "aim boat say aimo" hahaha

teJan said...

hehheh.. preha ta gurl! yahoo pizza! good day!

Joops said...

Is that craving means your pregnant hehehe..

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jenie said...

pizza yummmmmmmmmmm! i always crave for pizza ;)

hope u visit my other blogs too
life round me N you
earthy me

jenie said...


here for another visit. have a THANK YOU SOMETHING for you

visit back real soon
hope u visit my other blogs too
earthy me

jenie said...

hi! your visit today will be greatly appreciated friend...moreso with a message ;)

i hope you're's been so long already.

BABS said...
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