Mimi And Me

It all started 5 years ago, it's the first day of the opening of the school year in first semester sometime in 2004, I woke up early to prepare myself to school. Took a bath, ate breakfast and proudly wore my new uniform. I was very excited and nervous at the same time to go to school. It's my first day in college after all. I arrived early at school and I was able to choose a seat of my choice. I put my bag beside my seat, I reserved it for my new friend whom I met during the enrollment. We both promise to each other who ever comes first during the first day of the class will reserved a seat for one of us. Thirty minutes later, the rest of the seats were almost all taken and there were two ladies already asked me if the seat beside me is already taken and I told them its reserved for a friend of mine. After a while, there's this lady came in to the door in shirt and jeans and I saw her coming in to my direction. I was wondering, why this girl did not wear her uniform didn't she read the instruction in our school manual that it is required to wear the uniform the first day of the school. She asked my nicely if the seat beside me is taken, I was suppose to answer her yes but I was surprised of how I reacted, I took my bag and put it in my chair and said no its not, you can sit there if you want. I was thinking well, my new friend whom I reserved the chair for can seat beside of that girl who just took her seat since it is still available.

That girl who took the seat introduced herself to me. Her name is Gerremay but she prefers to be called by her nickname Mimi. She was one of the most silent in the class while I'm one of the most talkative (hehe) but even if its like that it didn't hinder to our friendship. Well, she's as talkative as I am when its just us. We shared a lot of things from paper to assignments, answers and secrets and crushes. She brought me a couple of times in their place, introduced me to her family and relatives. We were inseparable, wherever she go I go, if there's a group activity we were always partners. After a year, I have to stopped attending school, we ran out of resources. I lived with my sister that time but it was more like I live alone. I was so devastated and disappointed of what happened to me. It was very painful in my part coz I really wanted to go to school. When the enrollment came, she did not enroll right away and waited for me so we can enroll together and be classmates again but then it didn't happen. It was a challenge for her to be a stranger in her new class and it took a bit of time for her to adjust. She didn't know anyone coz most of our classmates in the first year enrolled earlier than she did. Despite her very busy schedule she finds time to visit me twice a month and bring me a "pasalubong". Then we would have long hours of talk. She updates me the latest news from school, open up her problems and tell me her worries. Then we would both listen to our favorite song before she leave. There were times that she's forcing me to go to their place to have a sleep over and then in the morning when I have to go home she would give me anything that she can afford. From from soap, shampoo, conditioner to the fruits and vegetable in their backyard. She even bought a bag of my favorite candy for me to take home. She tried in her own little way to help me and ease the pain that I have inside. She was a student then and didn't have much but then she did everything she can to help me. That was one of the lowest point in my life and I never thought that she will be there for me. She stand by me. After a year she got more busy and I was able to be back in to my senses again. I tried to move on from what happened and accepted it. I started looking for a job and we didn't met for a year.

There were times when I get home and my niece would tell me that Mimi came and looked for me. We weren't able to meet for a long time. I thought it would be best for her to concetrate in her studies. I wanted her to enjoy her life and stopped worrying about me. I wanted her to find new friends in her new world without me. We stopped exchanging sms coz of our both busy schedule but we both know deep inside in our hearts that were just there for eachother, and were just one sms away. Four years has passed since the day we've known eachother, she graduated already. One fine day I told her the news and sent her an SMS that I'm getting married and I want her to be my bridesmaid, I was hesitant if she will accept it coz she's in the middle of her review for the upcoming Licensure exam. I was delighted to read her SMS saying "Uu gang, kinsa man gud ko para moingon ug dili. Amiga gud ta ".(Translation: Yes dear, who am I to say no?).

I am very happy that she was there in my most special day. After the wedding we started meeting often to catch up and rekindle the friendship we have.

Were are so lucky that God bless us with friends. Life is more beautiful and meaningful knowing there will be someone who will stay with us through thick and thin. Whenever I hear Dionne Warwick's song it reminds me of my best friend Mimi and our beautiful friendship ... through good times and bad times I'll be on your side forever more, that what friends are for...
My bestfriend is Mimi, who's yours?


Skippyheart said...

naks naman, mga beauties!

*CHEERS* to friendship!

Cacai M. said...

oizzt.. cool.. sweet and loyal of each other, that's what bestfriends are, just like what you and her. Regards!

imelda said...

i love ur friendship story. glad to know ur talkative, hahaha.

btw, i have a tag for u here. i hope u will post this. it is at thanks in advance

Ging's said...

reminds me my best friend also.

I love this song, very meaningful.

Anonymous said...

hi gang... its me mimi!!!
i don't know what to say, but what i feel right now is that i miss you badly..juju.. i want to hug you and THANK YOU! for coming into my life.. i was crying while reading this blog. i was really touch... i am proud and i want to shout to everybody how lucky i am to have a BEST FRIEND like you not just a friend but you became a sister to me..gang, miss njud tika.jujuju... uli n beh...
i thank God for having you..