Skin Care Regimen

Even when I was still in Philippines my dry skin has been always my problem. It got worse when I got here in Denmark. After shower I always notice my skin gets tighter and then after a while it would look like it is dehydrated. And there are times that it gets itchy and painful. The driest part is my lower leg, sides of my stomach and my face. I tried different lotions for my body and it took a while before I found the right one for me. Tested some creams for my face, hoping it would lessen the dryness but those didn't help me at all. For some weeks, I had to put petroleum jelly to the side of my nose and lips so that the dry skin won't get visible but it leaves my skin looks shiny and it feels sticky.

I told my sister in law about my problem and its from her I learned to Wash, Tone and Moisturize.
I do this twice a day, in the morning and before I go to bed.

Wash - I use facial soap or a facial cleanser for this. I would suggest not to use your body soap when washing your face. Body soaps contains stronger ingredients and it makes your skin more dry.

Tone - It removes dead skin cells, surface oil and dirt that the facial soap or cleanser miss.

Moisturizer - This helps to keep your skin away from getting dry. It makes your skin moist and hydrated.

Now, my skin feels and looks better. I've been using Clinique products. What's good about them is that they have good selection for different skin types and combination. I use number 1, for very dry to dry skin.


Bailey Baretto said...

i tried using this for quite some time but i didnt get the same results you did :( im still a fan of clinique make-ups though :)

Manang Kim said...

I used to have an oily skin in Pinas but when I get here in US my skin became dry and my hair get frizzy specially in winter. I don't like putting too many lotion or anything on my face but what can I do I look like a dried zombie!! I tried many moisturizers and lotion too but yung hiyang sa akin ay cetrophil moisturizer sa mga lotion kahit ano nalang hehe. KUng sa pinas to naku okey na ako sa baby oil!! hehe

Admin said...

I tried and it worked 80% of my satisfaction.

Really skin is a complex part in our body. Learn how to keep it always healthy.

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