It's My Turn: To Be The Host

Due to my hectic schedule this past few days I wasn't able to make a post. I've been thinking to make one every single day that has passed but to no success because of my hectic schedule.
A few days ago Divine of My Thoughts and me agreed to meet last Wednesday. I asked her if she can come here in our place and bring Rechelle (another friend) with her. Rechelle is not available on weekdays coz of her studies and job so we reschedule the meeting this coming Saturday.
I'm no expert in cooking so it took me 3 days to decide if what dish shall I prepare. I've been to Divine's place last June just before we left for Finland and now, its our turn to be the host. I get nervous when I think about it. I'm worried of my cooking (lol). I've never cook for anyone aside from my hubby. Back in Philippines, my mother and sister always manage the kitchen. I've never tried cooking there not because I don't want to learn but I'm afraid it will be a failure. So I always leave the cooking to the masters. Just for the record, there was a point in my life when I dreamt of becoming a chef (grin) but I guess I'm just to afraid to try it. I was even too scared to practice in our own kitchen so what more in the school. But I've been always a fan of cooking shows and my favorite TV show is Hell's Kitchen.
I've come up with three dishes and two desserts and I hope I'll do it well. We wen't to the Asian Shop today and started getting the ingredients that will be needed for Saturday. I'll update you guys later and hopefully I'll be posting pics.