I Want Cheeseburger!

When I woke up yesterday, the first sentence that I said was "Bebe, please buy me a cheeseburger tonight". I was craving for a burger for 3 days and I couldn't wait to eat one. I was thinking of it the entire day and finally after 8 hours of waiting, around 11 in the evening hubby arrived. I immediately asked him if he bought a cheeseburger. I was so disappointed when he said no. He was torn if he should get it or not coz he's train will arrive in 7 minutes and there was a long line in Mcdonalds that it would take a while before he can get the burger. So he decided not to buy it and ride the first train that arrived.

I didn't talk to him for hours. I was hungry and very upset about it. I didn't made dinner because I thought we'll be eating burger last night. So when I woke up this morning hubby and I agreed that I'll go with him to the city center to go to the asian shop to buy something from there and buy my cheeseburger as well. He treat me to the new restaurant in the train station and then we went to the asian store. After that, I told hubby that I'll be going home but then he reminded me of the cheeseburger. I was so full that I was not thinking about it anymore but then he insist to get my burger. He asked me if how many Cheeseburger do I want and I said 3. He answered back saying " Are you sure?" and I said "Yes!". After that he didn't said anything and we headed to Mcdonalds and order my 3 cheeseburgers. He was guilty last night coz he didn't bought the cheeseburger and so even if he knew that there is no way I can eat all the 3 cheeseburgers he still bought it to make it up for what happened last night.

I went home with 3 cheeseburgers in my bag and a huge smile in my face.


yen said...

grabeh sad ka Jen oi, basin buntis naka dha? check it then...pagstock nalang ug burger pattie and palit sa pan but different taste lang then MCdo....

Jenny0323 said...

Perting sakita jud sa akong buot ato pagkagabii Yen kay grabeh jud akong expect na makakaon kog burger. Wala d i to. Hehehe. Ambot oi naunsa nko.