A year in Finland

Wow, it's been quite a long time since the last time i updated this blog. A lot of things happened already. We had moved in finland for almost a year now. So far so good. I liked it here... a lot. In fact, I love it here even though the weather gets a bit harsh sometimes. Especially, during winter when the temperature drops to minus -20 C and sometimes lower than that. Aside from the extreme cold weather, very little shed of sunlight (sometimes sun shines once a week, sometimes not), long darkness and short daytime, slippery roads, lots of static electricity (on winter), I still love it here. Though Denmark will always be special but Finland will always be the number 1 to me :-).

I have meet good friends and just friends and acquintances. I don't have many friends yet but I think I have enough to keep me busy on weekends. I now go to school, studying finnish language. I'm learning but not that much yet. I was able to meet good people from all over the world through this course. It keeps me busy during the weeekdays and I'm just loving it. Back in Denmark I was just a housewife. I was just home all day doing housechores, friendster and facebook and it bored me too much and made me wished that I will do something that will make me busy (like the overly fatigued feeling) that it would make me wish of a restday. My life here is not that hectic yet but still am thankful and happy that I have something to do and keeps me a bit busy.