My Favorite Fruit Rambutan

Back in Philippines, my sister has a tree of Rambutan in their backyard. Every year, we would always look forward for the Rambutan tree to bear fruit. When the Rambutan season is coming, we would check the tree everyday if it starts to produce flowers and then we would excitedly wait for the flowers to become little fruits. And when it's ready for harvest I would always volunteer to climb the tree.

When I was young I didn't like Rambutan, not until I was in high school. When it's Rambutan season, I could see a lot of vendors selling it in the streets of Davao City in a cheap price. Each time I buy it, the more I like it and crave for more.

Rambutan is an exotic fruit that is common to southeast asian countries such as Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. A ripe Rambutan has a reddish or yellowish hairy skin. You can either cut,bite or sqeeze with your both hands to open it. It is a bit juicy inside so I don't really like squeezing it. It has a delicious sweet taste that you would always want for more when you taste it.

I miss Rambutan, its been a while since the last time I ate it. Since they don't have it here in Denmark I'll just put it in my "must eat" fruit when we will have a vacation in the Philippines.


Anne said...

Ay nah ang sarap talaga ng rambutan especially the maharlika variety. Yesterday i bought rambutan on my way home from the gym.Yun lang kinain ko for the night.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't know where you live in Denmark but if you live in Copenhagen, you can buy rambutan in one of those Asian shops behind the central station. It's mostly available in most Asian shops.