Visiting Malmo, Sweden

Last Saturday (April 4) hubby and I went to Malmo, Sweden to attend baby Julia's christening. Al (Julia's Dad) phoned hubby few days before the event and told him that he will be Julia's Godfather. The new Church of Scientology opened the same date too. And everyone is excited.

Malmo is not that far from Copenhagen, just 30 minutes away. Almost 10% of its population works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Oresundtrains cross Oresund Bridge every 20 minutes connecting Malmo to Copenhagen that's why its very accessible. According to history, Malmo is thought to have been founded year 1275 and was part of Denmark. It was, for centuries, Denmarks second biggest City.

The 2 cities are very different from each other.From buildings, people, culture to currency. I was surprised that the stores there doesn't accept Danish Krona at all. Good thing we bought our roundtrip ticket in Copenhagen, so we didn't had a problem in paying for the tickets in our return to Copenhagen because we didn't have Swedish Krona. From the train I've seen the famous Turning Torso building. It was such a site to see. I didn't know that it was built in Malmo until I've seen it with my own eyes.

I enjoyed our visit in Malmo. I was so happy to meet some friends (hubby's friends). Hope to be back there again.