My Snow Experience

I always dreamed to see the snow since I was a kid. I lived in Philippines for 22 years of my life and it was always in my thought to see and experience the snow someday. That dream came true last March 18, 2009. I flew to Finland for the second time. And this time they still have snow. I was very excited for the entire flight. I couldn't wait til we arrived in Finland. I was surprised when we (hubby and I) were walking outside of the airport that there's no snow in Helsinki. I was even a bit sad. My husband told me that there were snow in the place where his sister lives. It is outside of Helsinki and we are staying there for a few days before we'll go to Lapua, his hometown. When we arrive to his sister's place, the first thing I did as I get out of the car was touched the snow in the ground. It was so cold as I don't have gloves on my hand but still I couldn't stop myself to smile. Another dream come true to me. The next days were exciting. My sister in law invited us to go to her backyard with her kids to play in the snow and slide. I was afraid and hesitant at first but hubby and SIL really convinced me to try it so I decided to give it a try. The feeling is unexplainable. I feel like I was a child again. Playing, sliding, laughing that's what we did at that moment. It is such a nice feeling living in your dreams.


Hench said...

hahahahahah...nice one :d

Jenny0323 said...

Thanks Ric!