Fruit Diet

Hubby and I met sometime in November 2007. He was thin and so was I. After 1 year and 5 months I gained like 10 kilos and hubby gained 20 kilos(grrr). How I wish I can turn back time (daydreaming). The clothes that I left here when I returned to Phil are now very tight to me. Whenever I look at the mirror I miss my thinner body. I miss the days when I just can fit all the clothes I like in Phil. My husband always says that he wants to go to a diet so he can lose some pounds but it is always difficult for both of us to do such. We always love to do our hobby called EATING. Last week he said he would do the Juice Diet and the Fruit Diet. Lately, I've been busy in the kitchen peeling the apples, pears, carrots and garlic, juicing them. My husband likes it but I hate the taste. And in the shop we don't buy much meat anymore, we buy fruits more. I'm learning to love this fruit diet thing of ours. It is so difficult to control yourself from eating. Just the good thing about this diet thing is that I'm in Denmark and all the food that I love are far away from me. Though I'm missing the Filipino foods. I hope this fruit diet will be successful but all in all, what matters most here is discipline to our selves