Serena Water Park

I got interested into Water Parks after last month adventure of ours. Never did I expect that we'd go swimming when I arrived in Finland. It was freezing cold and snowy and slippery. We were in the car when my husband told me that him and his sister were thinking of going to the water park 2 days after my arrival. I said yes as I was going with the flow. As the day for swimming arrived I was still confuse if how we will do it since the temperature was freezing. Until we arrived in Serena. Outside was a huge parking lot and the snow is all over the place. Theres a huge slope as well and I've seen lots of people skiing for the first time.

Serena is the most popular water park in Finland. There's a lot of swimming pools and exciting rides in the place. There are over 1000 square meters of pool area and a huge number of attractions in the outdoor water park but it was closed during that time as it was still too cold for anyone to swim. Inside of the huge building is a restuarant and an indoor pools and slides. There's a jacuzzi and sevaral sauna. The long slides were kind of scary so I didn't try it no matter how they convinced me. The scariest slide is called the Black Hole, it is a combination of light and sound effects that creates a unique adventure. We really enjoyed it a lot that we went back there after a week. And hopefully this summer we will be back again.


shydub said...

When I saw the title i thought you saw a serena and when I read it I was waiting for the linessaying you saw a serena in a freezing weather in your swimming hehehelol, Sauna pala cool.
Just visiting here jen,so hows the weather there now?

Jenny0323 said...

I am in Denmark now. I like it here a lot coz the weather is a lot warmer than in Finland. hehehe