From Start To Finnish

My husband is from Finland but he is living in Denmark for 10 years now.I was not pressured that I should learn Finnish the soonest because I always thought that since he lives in a different country then we don't need to speak Finnish every now and then. He told me before that Finnish language is one of the most difficult language to learn. It didn't sinked in to me until we visited Finland last year. His family is talking in Finnish most of the time and I can't understand anything of course. His family are trying to translate everything they said but they are having trouble also in speaking English. I can't even talk to his grandmother if no one is around because she doesn't speak English at all. So I made a promise to myself that I will really learn Finnish this year so I can talk to his grandmother even if its just the two of us. My mother in law gave me a book last Christmas named Englanti-Suomi-Kuvasanakirja. Its a picture dictionary written in English and in Finnish. She helped me to read the book and was so kind to my pronounciation. She always says someday I'll pronounce those word right and then would give me a smile. Last month, my husband tried to look for some Finnish language course for me in the biggest bookstore in Helsinki. He bought a book and a cd entitled From Start To Finnish. Last night I finally opened the book and started to read it. Its easy to understand just that I have trouble pronouncing some words. And the additional letters from Finnish alphabet makes it extra difficult. My husband guide me in reading it. He surely gave me a hard time(grrr). He always corrected every wrong word that I pronounce. It was hard and difficult but I'm very eager to learn. Hopefully tonight I'll read my book again