Its Tuesday, our movie day today. My husband invited me to go to the city center to watch Inkheart. Hubby decided to go to the biggest cinema house in Copenhagen called Palads (Palace) to watch the movie there.

The story is about an adventure of a father and his young daughter searching for a long lost book that would help them reunite a lost relative. Mo (Father) and Meggie (daughter) share an extraordinary gift of making the characters come to life when they read the book aloud. One day, Mo finds the book he's been looking for, for nine years. The book would help him bring back his wife, who disappeared when Meggie was three years old. But Capricorn the evil villain from the book captured Meggie and demanded to read the book once again to bring back some other evil characters to life. Mo and his other two friends from the book joined forces together to stop the evil plan of Capricorn. In the end, the characters from Inkheart returned to where they belong and they have rescued Resa (Meggie's mother).

The lead actor is Brendan Fraser (Mo). Movie fans must have known him because he has done the popular movies The Mummy, The Mummy Returns and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Inkheart is not as good as the Mummy movie series but not bad too, so I would recommend it to everyone to watch it.