Davao City, Your Next Destination

Growing up in Davao is one of the things I can say I am proud of. The city is famous for a lot of things. There's the waling-waling known as the queen of Philippine orchid, Philippine - eagle one of the biggest eagle in the world, durian - king of the exotic fruit, and you can find all these in Davao City.

Davao City is located in the southern part of Philippines. It is situated in southeastern Mindanao. Just an hour and a half plane ride from Manila (capital of the Phil.). It offers a lot of urban amenities such as shopping malls, beaches, sea foods, fruits and an active night life. The city's spoken dialect is Cebuano and English is the medium of instruction in schools and is widely understood and spoken.

The city celebrates Kadayawan festival an annual festival that celebrated every second week of August and is one of the most famous festivals in Philippines. People from different places in the Philippines and as well as foreigners travels to Davao just to witness the event. There are lots of activities during the festival. Including the street parade, flower float parade, agro industrial fair. floral exhibit and the left and right midnight sales in shopping malls.

Tourists will not be bored in Davao. As it has lots of white sand beaches, a nature park, crocodile farm, Philippine Eagle Center and a lot more to visit.


Twerlyn said...

i like davao..clean and peaceful most of the time. Jenny, I added you already in my latest blogroll, thanks for the way, if you have time, please vote for me at I am contestant number 1 , pls click the POLL under my name ..thank you for your support.

Jenny0323 said...

Sure, I'll vote for you! Thanks for dropping by.

Manang Kim said...

Hi Jen, I am from Mindanao too and one place that I love to visit is DAvao. I just hope that someday I could visit that place.

sernan said...

Never been to Davao, but i'd love to come and visit there some time... What resort is that on the picture?