Tennis, Anyone?

Tennis has been my dream sport of all time. I really want to learn and play it. I got interested more in this sport this year. I watched most of the tennis shows in tv when I returned to Phil. I am a big fan of Rafael Nadal, worlds number 1 in ranking, in this sport. I've watched most of his games until I flew to Finland.

Tennis is a sport played between two players (singles) or between two teams of two (doubles). It can be played by anyone, in all ages and I learned that even those who are in wheelchair can play it too. It's one of the most popular sport these days. I'm convincing my husband to give it a try.
Since he is willing to lose weight then he can do it as his exercise. Just that he has an injured(operated) right ankle so he is still hesitant to try it. My hubby has an aunt who plays tennis at the age of 70. In one of our talks with his aunt we've both promised to play tennis together one time. And she give me 2 years (smile) to prepare. I guess, I should start learning it soon. Can't wait!