Last Sunday, hubby and me decided to finally try the Hard Rock Cafe in Copenhagen. We've been planning to dine there since my last visit here last year but we always end up going to other restaurants (mostly asian) since there are plenty around. I was craving for a burger that day (always) so we decided to have a burger meal. I really like the crew there coz they were so friendly and accomodating, they remind of the Jollibee fast food crew in the Philippines. The place is nice and cozy, they play oldies music which I like. When the burger was served I was so excited to have a bite but I thought of taking picture first so I can have a topic here (lol). The burger is ok but it was dry and I dont like the buns that they used though it is ok. I prefer the burger in the restaurant where we went last week. And also the price is more expensive compared to other restaurants. Though I like their fries.