Busy Sunday

Yesterday was a busy day for me. I only got 4 hours of sleep from supposedly 8-10 hours. I was waiting for Pacquiao, Hatton fight the entire evening but then the fight started past 5am. Then I was so disappointed that the fight lasted only for 2 rounds. I waited for it the entire night, only to watch it for 10 minutes or maybe even less. After the fight, I went to bed and it was 6am already. It was past 10am when hubby woke me up to prepare myself coz we'll leave in an hour. We had to attend his bestfriends baby christening coz he was chosen to be baby Julia's godfather. There were around 40 people attended but I was the only Asian there. I felt shy to communicate to the other visitors who attended so most of the time I just sat in the corner. While hubby and I were talking a woman came to us and she introduced herself to me. She and my hubby knew eachother coz they belong on the same church but they are not friends nor enemies (lol). Her name is Sonia and she is a photographer. I was very surprised when she said she wants to take a photo of me. I didn't know what to answer to her so I just laugh. After a while I was just quiet, I want to tell her "not now please coz I'm not ready (lol)" but I chose to answer her with a smile and she said "maybe next time". Before she left the party, she waved her hand to me and I did the same. Me, hubby and baby Julia's parents were the last people who left the place. Hubby and I decided to have a walk in the city center and later on we went to a restaurant to eat and then we watched movie. It was almost 8pm when we went home.


Manang Kim said...

Hi Jen, I knew why sonia likes to take a picture of you because you are pretty!! Happy weekdays!

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