Sweet Memory of my High School Life

I browse the profile of my high school best friend today and I'm so happy to see her photos, she wore a black toga in one of the pictures. She just graduated from her course BSN and I was delighted to see the medal on her neck. Her sacrifice has finally paid off. As I was looking at her picture my mind flew back to my younger years, back when we were in high school.
I met my best friend Sheila May when we were first year high school, we were classmates. We got along so well coz we have a lot in common. Back then, we always talk about our favorite team and players in PBA. We were athletic in mind and heart but not in action (lol). After class we would both go to the public market in town to have our favorite snack (juice and banana cue), then from there we would ride different tricycle to go home. We remained best of friends until we were Seniors. By that time, we met two other friends/classmates (April and Vanessa) who became our best friend too. The four of us would eat lunch together, copied assignments, shared each others crushes and secrets and a lot more crazy and fun things.
Sitting on the last row: April, Vanessa, Sheila May and Me
(Photo was taken when we were 4th year HighSchool)

After we graduated high school, the four of us go on our separate lives. We studied and worked in different places. We haven't contacted each other for years but when April, Sheila May and me finally made and effort to have a get together after some years of not seeing each other, we really had fun and as always we love each others company. And since then we always make it a point that we see each other once in a while. April was my Maid of Honor and SM was my bridesmaid on my wedding. If only we have a contact with our friend Vanessa for sure she will have a part on my wedding too. The last time we've seen here was during our high school graduation. Hopefully, someday will see eachother again.
Sheila May, Me and April on my wedding.