It's been 9 days since Bart arrived in our life and it's been 9 days also that he's living here with us. During the first 2 days Bart was scared and shy. He feels that he doesn't belong in here. Maybe he misses his other family. He cries a lot at night or even during the day when he sees no one.

Now, that he's with us for more than a week, he has changed a lot. I think he accepted us as his new family. He grows quite fast but still looks little and cute. For me, he is twice his size since the day he arrived. He is very energetic and loves to run and play. For short period of time, we have learned to love him so much.

Our mornings are never the same anymore. As we are very excited each morning to wake up and see him. Play with him and hug him. He never fails to make us smile. After work, I am always in a hurry to go home as I am very excited to see him. And when I arrive home, there he is, wiggling his tail while looking at me excitedly.

Bart is a dog. A toy poodle. He is only 2 and a half months old.
I'm just so glad that he came in to our life and made us this happy. I am even smiling as I'm typing this.

A year in Finland

Wow, it's been quite a long time since the last time i updated this blog. A lot of things happened already. We had moved in finland for almost a year now. So far so good. I liked it here... a lot. In fact, I love it here even though the weather gets a bit harsh sometimes. Especially, during winter when the temperature drops to minus -20 C and sometimes lower than that. Aside from the extreme cold weather, very little shed of sunlight (sometimes sun shines once a week, sometimes not), long darkness and short daytime, slippery roads, lots of static electricity (on winter), I still love it here. Though Denmark will always be special but Finland will always be the number 1 to me :-).

I have meet good friends and just friends and acquintances. I don't have many friends yet but I think I have enough to keep me busy on weekends. I now go to school, studying finnish language. I'm learning but not that much yet. I was able to meet good people from all over the world through this course. It keeps me busy during the weeekdays and I'm just loving it. Back in Denmark I was just a housewife. I was just home all day doing housechores, friendster and facebook and it bored me too much and made me wished that I will do something that will make me busy (like the overly fatigued feeling) that it would make me wish of a restday. My life here is not that hectic yet but still am thankful and happy that I have something to do and keeps me a bit busy.

It's Pizza This Time

Few days ago I posted how badly I craved for a cheeseburger. Last night, this crazy craving attacked again and it is pizza this time. At past 10 pm yesterday I sent an sms to my husband saying "can we eat pizza today? yes or no?". My husband replied that its late already to get a pizza. The pizza store where we buy pizza already closed. I was disappointed again. I ended up browsing in google and search for greenwich pizza and there I was staring at the pizza photos in greenwich site(lol). I couldn't thank enough my husband when each time I ask him a favor he always try his best to do it but some things are really out of our hands. When I get upset and I don't talk to him, hubby would always say "Honey, please don't be mad. Stop being maldita now and let's make up". When I hear those words I can't help to smile. He knows now what maldita means and that his wife is maldita. It's not good but I find it cute when he says I'm maldita (lol).
Today, he dragged me to the shop even if I was still so sleepy. We ate together in the Quick Bistro in Bilka. Quick Bistro is not really quick (lol). Everytime we go and eat there we always have to wait atleast 20 minutes to get our order even if its just 1 piece of burger. And then we went to the shop to buy a frozen pizza so I can heat and eat it at home later.

Yes, I Did It!

A few days ago, I was saying that I'll be hosting a gathering today. Divine and Rechelle will come here in our place to visit me. I had a very short slept this morning. I was busy cleaning our little home yesterday and at midnight I started baking the cake for our dessert today. I finished past 3 am and I knew that I have to wake up early the next day to prepare the food. I went to bed 4:30 am already and woke up 8 am. I started making the empanada which took me too long to finnish. While I'm in the middle of making it I had a dysmenorrhea and I started feeling dizzy. After a while I had to stop from what I'm doing coz I couldn't bear to stand anymore longer. I phoned Divine and Rechelle to come here 4 pm instead of 3 pm. After 1 hour of rest I felt better and went back to kitchen. I got so busy that before I knew it, it was 4 pm already and there are still 2 dishes that are not cook and I don't even have a cook rice yet. I felt so bad and I really wanted to cry. I felt so helpless and frustrated, despite the fact that I started early I wasn't able to finnish on time. I run to our bedroom and fixed myself very quickly. So that when they arrive atleast I look a bit descent. I was washing the dishes, tried cleaning the kitchen a bit and at the same time cooking when my phone rang. Rechelle was downstairs already and I really panicked. I was really worried that the food were not yet done and my visitors are starting to arrive. After I picked her we talked a bit while I was cooking and then the bell rang. I knew it was Divine, talking with Rechelle while cooking helped me to calm down. I just let the 2 ladies talked while I continue with my unfinished job in the kitchen. After a few minutes the table was ready and we started eating. I'm glad that the food was ok except for the chicken curry that is a bit salty. We watched lost together for an hour or two then the ladies were picked up by their husbands.
I'm happy with the experience today. It's my first time to be a host and it really feels good. Its my first time also to cook for other people other than my husband. I'm no cook or master in cooking but I am very happy I did fine. I was able to pull it off despite the fact that I did not feel well. I hope my visitors were happy with the food though. :-D
Me, Divine and Rechelle

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Davao City's Peoples Park

When I found out that my inlaws are visiting Philippines to attend our wedding I was surprised and very excited. I was happy of the thought that they will be visiting my country and I couldn't wait to see them there.

A few days after my inlaws arrival, we finally had the time to bond together. Because of the very short time we had I wasn't able to tour them in Davao tourists spots. Most of the time we went to different malls and I really look like a tourist guide with six blonde people around me. Both of my parent's in law, sister in law and her two kids were there.
The day before the wedding, we decided to go to Davao's famous park, the People's Park. We had a wonderful time touring there. My sister inlaws kids were confused and shy because a lot of people were looking at them but I saw smiles in their face while touring the park especially playing in the children's playground. Our tour was very nice and everyone is game for picture taking with the park's statues.

People's Park is the nicest park in Davao, it is formerly known as PTA Ground. The park was opened last December 2007. The four hectare park was divided into several area like the plaza, fun or kids playground and durian dome. It has wonderful landscapes and man made water falls. The park is surrounded with different kinds of flowers and trees and it has park has a lot of unique looking statues made by Davao's very own artist, painter and sculptor Kublai Millan.

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A Dream Come True

I've seen a theme park just last year when hubby (bf that time) brought me to Finland to introduce me to his family. I was so happy that day, finally after long years of waiting and dreaming and wishing I finally tried to ride the roller coaster which I heard and seen only in TV.
Linnanmaki is the biggest theme park in Helsinki. Hubby and I were very excited to visit it since we arrived in Finland. I can still recall the excitement and joy the first day we attempt to went there. While we were riding the tram going to the park I feel like I was a kid again.
We live in the southern part of Philippines. There, I've seen only Ferriswheel on special occassions like Fiesta but I didn't try it. There is a huge theme park in Luzon but it's very far from our place. We would need to ride a ship or an airplane to get there and my family cannot afford it.
When we arrived there hubby and me were confused why there's no people around. We tried to walk going inside to the park and we found out that the park was closed that day. It was kind of disappointing but not until my husband read in one of the paper in the park that it will be open the next day.
So we went back the next day at noon and had finally seen those rides that I never thought I would try to ride. My excitement was very high that I dragged my husband to the ticket booth right away. After that, I told him that I want to try that first roller coaster ride that I've seen. I saw the hesitation in his eyes while I'm dragging him to come with me. There's no much people yet that time so were lucky that we didn't had to wait. The excited me didn't think of anything at that moment but just try that roller coaster ride right away. Fear was the last thing in my mind.
When the roller coaster started to go up it was only then I realized what I got myself into. That moment the excitement was gone and the fear was there. And in just a second I heard myself shouting as loud as I can. I was upside down and going too fast that I'm not sure if my soul was still with me or it was left somewhere in the sky (lol). I was thankful and relieved that the ride lasted less than a minute. It was a quick one but very scary for me. I was dizzy when we were walking looking for the next possible ride. I kept on telling my husband "I made the wrong decision, Bebe. We shouldn't have ride that one".
Hubby and me decided to try one of the kiddie playhouse or something in there. And after that we decided to ride everything there since we have the ride all you can ticket except for the those two rides that we know we can't take.
I am very thankful that I've been given the chance to fulfill one of my childhood dreams, to ride a roller coaster. I was excited, thrilled, happy, amazed, afraid, scared that day. It was a fun experience. Yes, I regretted that first ride why we went there but all in all the joy that I have inside was unexplainable. It's one of those thing's that I've been waiting for my whole life to happen and I'm glad I finally experience it. That dream come true filled the tiny space somewhere in my heart. That space was there for so long and I'm glad its gone now.

It's My Turn: To Be The Host

Due to my hectic schedule this past few days I wasn't able to make a post. I've been thinking to make one every single day that has passed but to no success because of my hectic schedule.
A few days ago Divine of My Thoughts and me agreed to meet last Wednesday. I asked her if she can come here in our place and bring Rechelle (another friend) with her. Rechelle is not available on weekdays coz of her studies and job so we reschedule the meeting this coming Saturday.
I'm no expert in cooking so it took me 3 days to decide if what dish shall I prepare. I've been to Divine's place last June just before we left for Finland and now, its our turn to be the host. I get nervous when I think about it. I'm worried of my cooking (lol). I've never cook for anyone aside from my hubby. Back in Philippines, my mother and sister always manage the kitchen. I've never tried cooking there not because I don't want to learn but I'm afraid it will be a failure. So I always leave the cooking to the masters. Just for the record, there was a point in my life when I dreamt of becoming a chef (grin) but I guess I'm just to afraid to try it. I was even too scared to practice in our own kitchen so what more in the school. But I've been always a fan of cooking shows and my favorite TV show is Hell's Kitchen.
I've come up with three dishes and two desserts and I hope I'll do it well. We wen't to the Asian Shop today and started getting the ingredients that will be needed for Saturday. I'll update you guys later and hopefully I'll be posting pics.